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Jim Petro • Owner of Triple Fresh Inc.
Jim has owned Triple Fresh Inc for over 20 years with 2007 marking the 20th anniversary of Triple Fresh Market in East Fallowfield.  (Best Cheese Steak in the area)  Triple Fresh Catering was started as a separate division, however the same philosophy of great food and great service has applied to both operations.  Jim’s marketing background has proven instrumental in pushing forward the Catering division with substantial growth year to year.

Michael Petro • Catering Director
Mike has been working in Sales in different industries and in different parts of the country over the past 5 years. Before coming to Triple Fresh Mike had just finished a tour of duty in Iraq. These experiences have helped Mike develop a unique perspective with regards to handling potential and regular Catering Customers that is Fresh,Innovative and Friendly. When you call to plan a potential party your will find that your job is easy because of Mike's preparation and confidence.

Jim Petro III • Division Manager
Jim has worked for Triple Fresh Inc since 1991.  He worked in Triple Fresh Market through his schooling and until 2001.  After briefly leaving Triple Fresh and working in the television and film industry, Jim returned in 2004 to open Triple Fresh in Christiana.  After a year, the Christiana store merged with the Triple Fresh Catering.  In 2008 He launched Triple Fresh Barbecue. He has traveled the country sampling distinct tastes and incorporating his own philosophies to come up with a unique barbecue menu to suit any palate.  Jim has developed five of his own barbecue sauces as well as a variety of homemade sides to perfectly accompany any of Triple Fresh Barbecue’s delicious entrees.

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